Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama’s Stance Means Little

In the grand scheme of things, President Obama's support for gay marriage means very little. According to many conservative pundits, this declaration on the president's part is nothing more than a distraction from the dismal economic news on which the president does not want people to focus. However, according to many conservative theologians, including most Southern Baptist pastors, this presidential declaration is at most an anti-biblical stance, and at least another reason to doubt the president's commitment to his professed Christianity.

The truth is, what anyone believes about gay marriage or the homosexual lifestyle will not determine where they spend eternity. While I believe homosexuality is a sinful choice, one that is abhorrent to scripture, I also know that it is not a sin that will determine one's eternal destiny. There is only one sin that will keep a person from experiencing heaven. That is the sin of unbelief—the rejection of God's Son, Jesus Christ. It would be well if we could all remember that when we start our anti-Obama rants and our anti-homosexual sermons.

Trust me, I know that what I have just written will cause the radical right wing of our faith to jump on me with both feet, but if they doubt what I have written, scripture will confirm it. I repeat—what you believe or practice regarding homosexuality will not determine whether or not you spend eternity in heaven. Thus, in the grand scheme of things, eternal things, what the president has stated is inconsequential, except that it may lead some people to feel better about their sinful activity.

While I do not believe that we should legalize gay marriage, mostly because I do not believe God honors it, I also do not believe that people who choose that life style should be vilified. We should remember above all that God loves them unconditionally. That fact alone should cause us to turn down the rhetoric. Now, I understand that some will view this as somehow supportive of homosexuality. That would be a mistake. I believe it is a sin and I could not in any way support it, any more than I can support the commission of other kinds of sexual sin. I do not understand why we insist on making one sin more heinous than another. In the eyes of God any sin is a sin against Him and pains Him. ANY sin.

I guess when we get to heaven we might gain some understanding of why this particular sin causes such hatred among God's people. I have seen otherwise nice people become extremely hateful regarding homosexuals. We would do well to remember homosexuality will not keep anyone out of heaven. I know some believe that any saved person could not choose to be a homosexual, but that idea appears to be in conflict with the Bible. According to scripture, "All of sinned and come short of the glory of God." For you to say that their sin is worse than YOUR sin is an affront to the Sovereign God.

We would also do well to remember that Christ died for the sins of ALL those who claim Him as their Savior. Christ loved us so much that "even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." And He also died for THEM. That is the truth of the gospel. That is the main thing. I have spent my life preaching the gospel that Christ died for all. Let us not forget it.