Sunday, May 27, 2012

Politics and Eternity

There is probably no one out there who is more tuned in to the politics of our current election season, but I feel it is incumbent upon me to keep reminding us that whatever decision we make in this year's election is going to have very little to do with the most important decision we will ever make. That important decision will decide where we spend eternity. Who you vote for in the election is going to decide only what our country will be like until the next election. There is another election that will decide one's eternal destiny. I feel we need to keep reminding people of that more important election.

Will you elect Jesus, or not? That is the truly epic decision of one's life.

It is a bit of fun to tune in to the promises of the current candidates. I keep up with all that. My own congressional district is being viewed as one that is decisive for democrats. If they do not win my district, they likely will not have a majority in congress. At least that is what the analysts say. My congressman currently is a Hispanic republican who, by all accounts, has done a worthy job. But, the powers that be in the democratic national headquarters do not like the fact that a Hispanic is a republican and they want him out. It is all quite amusing. The promises being made by the candidates pales in comparison to the promises made by Jesus to keep us for all eternity.

My state currently has two republican senators in Washington. One has chosen to opt out of running for re-election, so there has been a flurry of candidates trying to take her place. The four main republican candidates consist of a lieutenant governor, a trial lawyer who is trying to redefine himself for the benefit of the Tea Party, a former big city mayor and a former football player-analyst. All of them call themselves conservatives and all four of them are trying to sell themselves as the most conservative. Again, it is somewhat amusing to watch. While it will be an important decision for Texans, it is a decision that will only affect the next six years. Not nearly as important as the decision that will affect eternity.

And then there is the race for president. Perhaps the most amusing thing to watch, if it were not so serious, is the current president trying to redefine himself as a fiscally responsible leader. That flies in the face of his adding to the nation's debt more than all former presidents put together. His opponent is a man who the president says is only interested in making a profit for the wealthy investors in his former business. The president says that is not a qualification to be president, forgetting that his own qualifications for running may be somewhat lacking. To the knowledge of most of us his only jobs have been as a professor, a community organizer and a two-year stint as a senator, hardly an overwhelming resume' for the presidency. On the other hand, the management skills of his opponent are well known. He is credited with saving the Olympic games in the USA, and making tons of money for himself and his investors at Bain Capital. All in all only a business man's resume'. Not really presidential material? We shall see. Again, this would be amusing if it were not so important for the well-being of the nation. So, while this decision will be an important one for the country for the next four years, it pales in comparison to the decision every person must make about where he will spend eternity.

This political season provides us an opportunity to play off all the important decisions people will make at the polls and try to convince them that the most important decision they will ever make will NOT be at the ballot box, but at the altar of worship when they choose whether or not to follow Jesus. What an opportunity we have to take advantage of this political season, when people will make important decisions, to encourage them to make the most important decision of all—where they will spend eternity.

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